recent acquisitions
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shopping is fun, but not when you don`t have a lot of money. I want to grow up soon and get a nice job so I can buy lots of cute stuff. But nevertheless, I`ve picked up some small and nice stuff lately.

I`ll never have enough alice bands I swear. I love the pink one with the bow, the bow stands upright so it`s super adorable. I bought the cat ear wire one because I`ve seen it gain popularity on the internet and it makes my geek-nekomimi senses tingle (wtf i don`t even know what that means). I initially wanted the silver one, but the store was sold out. I`m starting to take a liking to the gold one though, silver`s becoming a little too common with my accessories.

One of my friends have been really into scrunchies lately, and she looks really cute with them. I don`t pull them off as well as she does, but I can always try, haha.

And the hairclips, I bought the long-ish ones because they hold back bangs easily when I`m working (I saw it in an anime!). My boyfriend picked out the other two because he wanted to see me wear them. (*☌ᴗ☌)

I`ve been needing new sandals, haha. To be honest, I haven`t worn sandals for a while. I usually wear flats during the summer, but flats get pretty hot. I looked everywhere for nice sandals, omg. I couldn`t find one that suited my preferences? This will have to do for now.

Aren`t these wedges cute? Heh. My balance seems to be a little impaired with them though, which is strange because I don`t normally have so much trouble with high heels. They`re not even that high. Ugh. They`re still really really cute though. I don`t regret getting them despite these being super expensive.

I really love stuff from Bath&Body. Their products come in these small cute bottles eek. (ノ≧∀≦)ノ I`ve been running a little low on body lotion and spray too, so I got these. I hate the Bath&Body store though. There are like a million scents attacking your nose and at one point when you try to test different smells, you can`t even distinguish them anymore.

Remember my wishlist post? I got found the bunny stockings in an asian store! I guess I didn`t stretch it properly when I put it on (or my legs are too short idk) but the ears are a lot shorter than the pictures on the internet (´・ω・`)

And lastly, I obtained a copy of Okamiden yesterday! I played Okami for PS2 like one and a half years ago, and jfc it`s an incredible game. I`m already 7 hours into the game, and it`s a lot of fun! alkdasdflaksdjflas OKAY SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME BLOGGING TOO LITTLE TIME PLAYING OKAMIDEN BYE

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Weezy Award
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Weezy means friend/acquaintance. I`ve been nominated 4 times by Berry, Miki, Leepy, and Lala, and I`m super happy that so many people nominated me asdklfjasdklfjasd thank you guys ㅠㅅㅠ

1. Write a note to the person who gave you this award.
2. Nominate 3 or more friends that you think are close/good/kind/ etc.
3. Write a little kind note to each of them.
4. Notify the people you've tagged and tag backs are allowed!

Thanks so much! I don`t think I look that pretty, haha. You are way cuter and more interesting. I`m not too good at making friends or talking to people, but you`re the most friendly person I`ve met on blogger, so it`s super easy to get to know you and start being friends ♪( ´▽`) keep bloggin`, hun! I look forward to reading your updates. (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

Cosplaying is a lot of fun (*☌ᴗ☌) it gets pretty pricey but it definitely pays off! and omg thanks, but your blog & you are definitely a lot more precious ♥ I`m not much of a talker, but I`d love to get to know you more (人´▽`) You`re my first friend & link exchange on blogger, I remember being a little intimidated by you because your blog was so cute hahahaha. c:

omg no way my life isn`t as interesting as I pretend it is. I`m not that good at painting my nails haha, I screw up a lot too (and I get super impatient sometimes so I accidentally ruin them when they`re not dry yet!) and I`m also really bad at using my left hand to paint. It takes a lot of practice, but I bet you`re really good at it too! I look forward to continue being friends with you (๑´ސު`๑)

W - wahh~ I really like you too! And pfft go away your blog design is so much cuter than mine, they`re always so cute, and your current one is absolutely gorgeous. Actually I`ve been working on a new layout, but I`m coding it entirely by myself this time (no basecodes!) so I`m still trying to figure things out by myself. B - best friends? omg asdklfjasdf NO I DON`T DESERVE THIS (유∀유|||) if you`re okay with someone like me, then let`s be best friends c':

unfortunately I won`t be tagging anyone specific, but I nominate everyone whom I`ve exchanged links with. I`m really lazy omg I kind of lack creativity to write a note to everyone I want to be friends with and I tend to be a little awkward, so I don`t know what to write even though I really want to be friends with everyone. ಥ⌣ಥ sobs sorry



exam results + instagram/ask
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omg my exam results came out.

It was so nerve-wrecking. I`ve never been this nervous/anxious to get exam results ever, but I was depending on these for university.
I`m in the IB program, so our exam results gets posted online, despite school being over already. I was super nervous, and I was literally refreshing on the page to see the results being posted!

And all my friends were literally like doing a countdown on twitter/facebook whatever and we were all anxiously waiting for the results to be posted wheeze.

My results were really good! I`m super super super happy.

My IB levels translate into 100 and 95 on my report card! Which is really high in my curriculum. Since SL Math covers both Calc and Functions, I`m getting 100 in both grade 12 Calculus and grade 12 Advanced Functions EEEEK. I`m also getting 95 for both Grade 11 and Grade 12 french AWW YISS.

On another note, I also got Instagram and accounts.
My username is usagimon on both, so please visit me!
Instagram has been fun so far, but I don`t really know what to take pictures of haha.

I`m running out now, gonna celebrate my exam results with friends!
I swear to god my next blog post will be the Weezy award, which I`ve been nominated multiple times for. I`ve been putting it off for so long!

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phone case + picnic!
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My boyfriend got a Galaxy S3 the day after me because the weekend special deal seduced him.

Then we got matching phone cases the day after that. We originally planned to get couple phone cases (like phone cases specifically designed to be for a couple) but we couldn`t find a nice one so we just bought these two lovely nautical-themed cases. My phone is the one on the left and his is on the right. (ㆁᴗㆁ✿) wheeze they`re so cute.

Aren`t they supersupersuper nice? ugh I love nautical-themed stuff.

The downside is that the cases aren`t very protective, which isn`t a good new for me, because I drop my phone all the time. I saw a really nice super protective case too, but ended up not buying it because I`m poor. Shuu-chan promised we`d get it the next time we go to that mall though.

A group of my friends arranged a picnic last Sunday June 29th. It was kind of bad because we expected it to thundershower, but good thing the weather was kind to us that day. It was hot and sunny but cool when the clouds covered the sun, so it was a super nice day. The ground was really soggy and muddy though, I got my feet all gross! (but luckily I wore flipflops so it was easy to clean up).

I`m so weird with my friends honestly. ٩(•౪•٩)三

One of my best friends painted her nails with the exact same color as me, and did an accent nail too! We matched so nicely. OUR BOND IS SO DEEP THAT WE EVEN BUY THE SAME ESSIE NAIL POLISH.

Shuu-chan also took a really really really nice picture of me that day. I use it as my facebook profile picture now. I think it`s perfect and gives the illusion that I actually look pretty. (*´˘`*)

I think I`ll shove this picture somewhere on my blog about page whenever I stop being lazy.

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